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Project Description
A Open source PHP Editor based on Scintilla highlighting component. A quick php editing solution with intellisense for PHP functions. PHPDuke is also equipped with integrated FTP functionality. It takes you to the output in a inbuilt browser quickly

I always wanted a simple yet powerful PHP editor and tried some of the complex but free editors. None of them satisfied me to the core. Either they are too cluttered with too many features, or very meagre with absolutely no supportive features. I decided to write one myself. I started with a very early ScintillaNet library and completed almost my coding and realized that there exists a latest library for ScintillaNet. It almost overturned me, one side joy and the other side rework. However thanks to ScintillaNet, its now a better control than the ones I worked with. Then it was the time for me to integrate FTP. I observed .NET framework FTP support is not very supportive. But again thanks to Quango that the FTP library he created saved a heck of the work. Using SQLite and wrapper SQLiteNet, I converted to a easy process of saving snippets and autocomplete items, than using XML files which I always felt cumbursome to handle. This version uses the early version of FTPClient, as the latest one has some timeout problems I observed and I need to dig in a bit. I have currently added HTML one click tags and snippet space too.
The current version of PHPDuke really serves my purpose and fits my space, I hope it does for you too. However I have disclaimers in place just as any other software, "No liabilities please due to damage caused by use or misuse of this software"

The work does not include help file yet and needs to be written. Any help in this regard is appreciated.

New releases available ( 0.2.6)

  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • Windows XP/Vista
  • Some hard disk space as you can guess
  • 256 MB RAM

Do remember the shortcut keys for PHPDuke which are not documented
  • Ctrl +N - > New file
  • Ctrl + F/H - > Find dialog
  • Ctrl + S - > Save file
  • Ctrl + G - > Go to line
  • Ctrl + F4 - > Close current file
  • Shift + Enter - > Show snippets
  • Ctrl + Space - > Autocomplete
  • "$" - >Show autocomplete variables used in and out of scope
  • "<" - > Show HTML Tags (you will often find a tab between attributes of html tags from autocomplete, this is due to a odd behaviour of ScintillaNet control, and nothing to do with PHPDuke, once it is fixed from Scnitilla side, I would update the next release)

Document Editor

Browser preview

Snippet list

HTML Toolbox

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